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History of salt

The first book that has been written in conjunction with salt to approximately 2250 years before Christ returns. Of the past to the present time, the importance of salt for human and animals. Thousands of years ago, animals licking salt during the مسیرشان with the way they were created at the same time, human hound dog from the salt and used for hunting animals. رَدی on animals meant that, by the way, the same way and were converted, the houses were formed. Over time, these houses were converted to cities and countries. The ancient انگلیسیان that raw salt by livestock from Cheshire (Cheshire) to the South of England, in the middle of the way due to the tidal river tmaz (Thames) should wait for River to abate. The rest of rural businessmen that is known as the city of Westminster (Westminster) was causing the growth of this area and of Westminster with the passage of time turned to the current London.

Salt is widely used on the world’s economic and political influence. Each of the civilizations, their stories of salt in superstition and myth that are interesting, sometimes with respect and to be moved to the breasts breasts of sacrifice. In some religious ceremonies at the salt کنندگی property to a traditional drawing. “It’s not the size of the salt value is also a common term that originated from the ancient Greece because at that time the slaves with salt Exchange. The Roman soldiers making salt (Salarium Argentum) receive a monthly salary that the word in the English language (Salary) of the same words. The ancient Greeks praised salt to the size of the Sun, and there is a proverbial saying “no one should not be trusted unless he first suck salt.” (One of the actions are perceived that there was in the past, it was as if someone put some salt with another person, it is divided into the two familiar also came into account).

A lot of superstitions, in conjunction with the salt. One of this superstition is that the salt shed with no precautions causes misfortune that the belief of the Apostles (PBUH) in front of one of the reversal in the last supper is the origin of the Panel. There is an old superstition that the Norwegian says the person who poured the salt, the size of the flows, which tears a tear she shed all the salt. An old English belief is that every grain of salt that’s happening is that tear represents the number of person in the future. In German, believe everyone salt the fold, creates hostility because it is thought to be the work of the devil. The French have some of the salts has been shed throw to the back of the person to throw salt into the eye of the devil, and the coming of sedition on a temporary basis. In America some people not only some of the salt shed on the left shoulder of the individual person, but they have to be under a baksd table and come out against it.

Some American war over salt. In the year 1777, King Hu in order to catch the Washington generals trying salt warehouse. The war happened and many contracts to Western salt rocks used for its inhabitants. Whites their first attempt, the American continent for the production of salt in the year 1614 ad done but the first commercial production in the year 1753 ad and the occasional slug of salt (Licks) کاناوا (Kanawha). American Indians before the salt from the salt Springs maker get. The first extraction of salt from the salt dome is Avery Island (Avery) and to the year 1862 ad.

Salt in Iran perhaps 6000 years b.c. is used. In fact, since the establishment of the Aryans, salt has been used in Iran. In later periods as well as in the books of Greek objective historians (like hrdot), the salt mines of Iran.



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