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Different methods of preparation of salt

Traditional or کوبشی

Prior to the construction of edible salt, refined salt factories in traditional workshops and thus was produced that the salt rock from the mine entrance after grinding and vibrating it has added iodine and yellow bags sent to the consumer market.

This kind of Act because departure no salt purification not performed on non-standard and oral consumption in the long run creates undesirable effects.


Washing method or هیدرومیل

In this method, after the initial surface wash that leads to getting clean is it apparent salt device called the هیدرومیل which I have entered on this device a salt crystals exposed to high-pressure water. The effect of this pressure and impact, the salt crystals are somewhat broken and dense impurities in the salt crystals will be free. In the later stages of these impurities in تینکرها and also centrifugal separators.

In this way, though the purity of the salt to the extent there is a dramatic increase from the babad but impurities remain in the salt.


Salt purification method of recrystallization

In this way all the soluble and insoluble impurities removal and also due to the high temperature used, the microbial contamination in the food industry of high importance is all destroyed.

Refined salt factory production method involves the following steps:

1. mill off the salt rock (or direct use of تبخیری salts) and its dissolution in pure water and prepare a solution of salt water saturation.

2-Add the chemical to complete the raseb salts of calcium and magnesium and outside insoluble substances.

3. pass the salt water solution to remove particles of sand filters ریزتر of 30 microns.

4-saturated solution of salt evaporation and production of pure salt crystals (crystals).

5-‘ separation by centrifugal and adding iodine and anti the cake.

6-drying crystals of salt drying equipment with the use of warm air and salt transfer storage silos.

7-salt-packed with automatic devices.

In this way, at least to the ۹۹٫۵% purity.


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