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Screw conveyor


Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is used to transfer bulk and fine or even non-flowing material horizontally, vertically and angularly.A screw conveyor is the shape of a typical screw. the threads are exaggerated and the center may or may not be present However, they function almost identically to screws, where a drive motor turns the screw (also known as the auger), moving product up one pitch every revolution. A tube or U shaped trough around the auger acts as the conveying surface, where powder bulk, granular, and even non-flowing material is pushed along the trough surface. Depending on the material being transferred There can be optional covers for the trough. The center shaft can be cylindrical or conical and the number of shafts in one conveyor can differ.

. Screw conveyors are less expensive than other methods of material handling, and with proper design, the cost of maintenance can be greatly reduced.