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One of the problems of our dear country has always been the lack of trust of customers in domestic products. In a way, foreign products to higher specialties were more expensive and of higher quality to domestic products. Let's bridge the gap between quality and foreign products. Today we are proud to announce that the machines produced by Pars Polad Sepid factory are equal to or higher in terms of quality than foreign products.

About Pars Polad Sepid

Pars Polad Sepid Company in 1393 and after obtaining the necessary permits on a land area of 5000 square meters in Garmsar industrial town, began its activities in the field of construction and production of industrial and mining machinery and specialized equipment related to salt and sulfate factories Has done. Due to the potential of the region and also the lack of knowledge-based units in the field of salt and sulfate conversion industries, the company’s engineers decided to establish a unit that meets all the needs of the region and the whole country in the field of salt and sulfate factories.

Due to the new methods in salt processing, the company, after studying and reviewing Asian and European companies, obtained the technology of making a complete line of salt purification by hydromeling method. This method easily provides the desired purity due to the abundance of high quality minerals in Iran

Pusher centrifuge with Sulzer design

This type of centrifuge is used continuously for dewatering, drying and separation of materials (fibers, crystals and powders). The operation is such that the input mixture enters the centrifuge through the feed tube and is distributed evenly inside the centrifuge basket in contact with the distributor. The solid phase formed on the basket can be washed away by water jets. Dehydration is done by centrifugal force created in the centrifuge. Simultaneously with the operation, the solid phase is transferred to the front of the centrifuge with the reciprocating force of the basket, and the dried solid phase is drained. All machine-related components that are in contact with the product are made of stainless steel by default. But according to different products, baskets can be custom made from stainless steel duplex or titanium.

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Pars Polad Sepid Machinery Company is proud to visit your esteemed craftsman or interested party. This company, with a knowledge and production approach, is active in the field of design, construction and implementation of complete production lines and refining of salt mines, especially in the method of Hydomil. Please be sure to contact us for any requests or questions.


  • Consulting and manufacturing of special equipment


  • Complete hydromyl salt production line


  • Optimization of the old salt washing plant


  • Consulting and construction of sodium sulfate production plant





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