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Pars Poolad Sepid Co. established in 2014 and after obtaining the necessary permissions in a land area of 5000 square meters in the industrial city of Garmsar, its activities in the field of construction and the production of industrial machinery and specialized equipment for mining-related to salt and sulfate plants has begun. With regard to the potential of the region as well as the lack of knowledge-based units in alternative salt and sulfate, the company's engineers were on it so that all the needs of the unit established in the region and the entire country in the field of manufacture of sulfate salt factories.

According to the new procedures in the processing of salt, this company after the studies and reviews of Asian and European companies, to build a complete line of filtration technology of salt to the hydro-milling method. This method due to the multitude of high quality minerals in Iran to easily supply the desired purity.

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