Elevator conveyor (high)

Conveyor or lift device for vertical transmission of a variety of minerals such as lime, cement, gypsum, calcium carbonate, micronized powders and asphalt and food such as flour, sugar, salt, and sugar granules and other similar instances. in two belts and chain model has been designed.

Belt conveyor of the most common types of material handling, lifting and aggregation وگرانولی the shape of that high temperatures do not fit together, but if there is too much heat and the big stones or obrandh to prevent damage to the belt of the conveyor chain is used

In the case of transfer of substances with high hardness and corrosive liquids in the body and sex selection ومتریال baguette from wear and special alloys are used.

The design of the conveyor should be the dimensions of the baguette ojans (spoon) as well as the shape and location of the output load placement to be considered properly as all substances that are supposed to move in a cycle are guided to the output and then down to the conveyor and stocked up on transmission cycle.


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