Mill to the conical or cylindrical shape, that the burden of the insult, the inside of the steel or ceramic balls. In some applications due to low natural rubble rather than bullets from the rubble used to be mills, which is the famous stone crushed prices to Asia.

Ball-mills input time usually has a size of about 5 to 25 mm, but some types of it are able to khordkardan pieces to ابعاد50 and even 75 mm. Chopped product usually has smaller dimensions of 0.2 or 0.3 mm. According to this data, the ratio of crushing mill in this type can reach 300.
Generally, the same conditions, the amount of material that fits over the crushing mill and the mill is greater than whatever the length of the seed plot smaller product. The ratio of the length to the diameter of the bullet in the mill for highly variable and is of less than one to more than 21.
This type of mill is for dry and wet form is used. That in each case the type of output mechanism will be different in other articles to it, we’ll pay.
Source: the first season of the Bachelor thesis with loved ones as mechanical engineer Hamid joined ball-mill analysis (top thesis Faculty of mechanical engineering, Isfahan University of technology in the year 1387)

Ball Mill

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